Sample Syllabi:

  • HIST 1F92 Lords of the Sea: British Maritime History, 400-1800 (Brock University)
  • HIST 2F20 History of Britain, 1485-2000 (Brock University)
  • HIST3P01 British Empires, 1500-1960 (Brock University)
  • HIST 4P37 Cultures of Consumption in the British World, 1750-1950 (Brock University)
  • HIST 4P39 Gender and Empire in the British World (Brock University)
  • HIST 4P70 Seminar in Academic Editing and Publishing (Brock University)
  • HIST5V54 History of Sexuality (Brock University)



  • AS 100.152 Women and Gender in Modern Britain (McGill University, Fall 2012)
  • AS 100.152 Crime and the Victorian City (Johns Hopkins University, Intersession 2012)
  • GWST/HIST 375 European Women’s History 1750-1914 (University of Maryland Baltimore County, Spring 2010)



Sample Teaching Materials:















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