Online Contributions and Resources


Online Contributions:

Facial Hair in Disguise,” The Wellcome Library Blog, 9 November 2015

In Pursuit of Beauty,” Bodleian Libraries BODcasts, 13 October 2015

Beauty and the Victorians,” Bodleian Libraries BODcasts, 9 July 2015

Beauty Recipes: a December Series,” The Recipes Project, December 2014

Theatrical Cosmetics: making face, making ‘race,’” The Recipes Project, 25 December 2014

Making Scents in the Victorian Home,” The Recipes Project, 14 August 2014



Professional Organizations: Profile

American Historical Association

Brock University, Department of History

Brock University Historical Society

North American Conference on British Studies

Nouveau Reach. Past, Present, Future of Luxury


Teaching Resources:

Ph.D.s and Pedagogy (Sarah Waurechen)



British History Online

Old Bailey Online



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